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Why do people apply for payday loans?

Experts may not advocate for payday loans, but people continue to apply for them frequently. Though these loans are controversial, there are numerous reasons as to why many depend on them. Some of the reasons are as follows.

The high rate of unemployment. Lacking a job can drain one both emotionally and financially. Redundancy can make you struggle to make ends meet. Most people in this situation find payday loans from quite attractive. You get the cash you need without delay and continue to maintain the same lifestyle you had before the job ended. Before you consider applying for this loan, ensure that you have started applying for other jobs since you cannot rely on loans alone.

Some people also apply for a payday loan to eliminate another existing loan. You can use the payday loan to clear a credit card debt. If you get a payday loan that has low-interest rates compared to what you have been paying, you can free up some cash. Before you take out a payday loan to clear off an existing loan, you should consider applying for a debt consolidation loan since this comes with minimal risks.

Borrowing from friends and family can be embarrassing for others. Though this option is safer than borrowing from a professional lender, people try to avoid friction, therefore, choose payday loans. Christmas is the time when a lot of direct lenders make quick cash by offering payday loans to borrowers. During this time, parents don’t like disappointing their children, so they take out holiday loans to buy them what they want.

People see payday loans as the best solution during holiday seasons. You receive the cash that you need to celebrate with family then pay it back at the end of the year. The problem with this is that there is a temptation to borrow more than you can afford to pay. If you have been paying a mortgage but don’t have enough for the next month, you may consider applying for a payday loan to avoid falling behind on payments. People in such situations take out payday loans to avoid creating a negative image on their mortgage lenders. Late mortgage payments can also lead to an increased fee.

Before you take a payday loan to make mortgage repayments, try talking to your mortgage lender and request them for a better payment plan. Taking another loan to pay off an existing one can make you sink into the vicious cycle of debt. Others apply for a payday loan for a bank overdraft. When a bank charges you with an overdraft, you have to pay a high level of interest. You can cancel the overdraft by using a payday loan.

Payday loans are also suitable for individuals with poor credit history. Since the lender does not focus on a credit check, you can acquire funds when you are in desperate need. Try to work on boosting your credit score so that you can qualify for better loans in the future.

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The different ways you can borrow when retired

Most of the retirees assume that obtaining a loan is next to impossible since they don’t receive a salary anymore. The lack of getting a monthly salary does not make it impossible for a retiree to qualify for a loan. You should, however, avoid taking money from your retirement plan since this can harm your savings. Here are better options for acquiring a loan even after retirement.

You can apply for a mortgage loan. This is a secured loan that uses the home you want to purchase as collateral. The problem with a mortgage loan is that most lenders need to see proof of income. You can convince the lender to give you the loan if you receive income from other investments such as rental properties.

It is possible to acquire a home equity loan. This loan lets you borrow against the equity in your house. You should have enough equity for you to retain at least 20% of it once you take out a home equity loan. If you need an alternative to this type of loan, try cash-out refinance loan. This involves refinancing your home for less than its value but more than you owe.

In most cases, refinancing extends the period it takes to clear the mortgage. Before you choose this loan, try to compare the interest rates on the existing loan against that of the new loan and factor in the closing costs. This will help you decide if refinancing is the best cause of action to take.

Consider a reverse mortgage loan. This offers regular income according to the value of your home. You would have to pay the loan until you relocate from the house. If you want some cash to repair the home, you can qualify for a housing repair loan. This comes with affordable interest rates and the extended repayment period. You can pay this loan for up to 20 years. The maximum amount you can borrow is 20,000.

If you have been saving for a vehicle but don’t have enough, you should consider getting a car loan. This is easy to obtain since it is a secured loan that used the car you want to purchase as collateral. Though you can pay for the car with cash, you should not deplete your savings for the car. Since you still need your savings for emergencies, avoid using that cash and take out a car loan for this purpose.

Do you have small debts that you pay every month? You can consolidate your debts into one loan. It can help you pay small debts all at once then pay the large loan in better terms. Look for a consolidation loan that has low-interest rates so that you can make monthly payments without struggling.

If you require quick cash, you can get a short term loan such as payday loan from Since the loan can be quite expensive, you should only apply for it when you are sure that you will be getting money soon to pay it back.

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Should you pay off debts or save for your retirement?

Whether you earn a lot or not, you have to make smart financial decisions. Though most people want to save for retirement, they struggle with debt repayment. You should not overlook both of these things since they are equally crucial. Though saving for the future is vital, letting debt accumulate can lead to serious problems. Since everyone is unique, you need to determine which of the two makes more sense depending on your situation. The following guide should help you make the right decision.

Start saving for retirement early enough. If you work under an employer that offers a retirement savings plan, you need to get serious about saving for your future. This helps you get free money that can help you save for retirement.  Settle the high-interest rates debts first. If you took a payday loan from, you should prioritize on paying it back. Such loans often come with high-interest rates that can accumulate first. Ensure you look for ways to pay high-interest debts. If you are struggling to pay debts, make use of methods such as the snowball technique for you to manage debt payment effectively. Focus on paying small debts first, then proceed with massive debts.

Establish an emergency savings account. Every month, set aside some funds that you can deposit into your savings accounts. It should be different from a retirement account. You can use the funds on your savings account to handle any emergencies that may come up. Ensure you have enough savings that can cover expenses for at least three months. This can come in handy if anything happens, such as losing a job or having a medical emergency. A savings account can prevent you from more borrowing during a crisis.

Deal with low rate debts after clearing high rate loans. For instance, you may have taken a student loan, which you are yet to repay. Consider throwing in more cash towards eliminating this loan so that you can focus on other things such as saving for retirement. If you have more loans, you should try to clear them one at a time. Doing this instead of paying them all at once can prevent you from going broke in the process.

Put your plan in writing. This can help you stay on track and achieve your money goals. You can come up with a spreadsheet that has specific objectives. Give yourself a target as to when you intend to pay off all your existing loans. Include the amount that you intend to save within a specific time frame. Be realistic as you make the plan and work hard towards achieving every goal you set. Having it in writing helps you remain focused on clearing your debts and saving. It also prevents you from the temptation of misusing your cash on things that you don’t necessarily need. Try to monitor where your cash goes every month so that you can cut back on unnecessary expenses.

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Is it possible to live below your means without the feeling of inadequacy?

Experts reveal that the secret to achieving financial security lies in spending less than what you earn. Most of us assume that this means maintaining a Spartan lifestyle. On the contrary, you don’t have to feel deprived or miss out on anything since you can still enjoy yourself even as you live small. You, however, have to make some sacrifices as you focus on the benefits so that you can set yourself up for financial freedom.

Living below your means helps you save enough for the future and prevents you from running out of cash during emergencies. It is advisable that you live on 15% less than your monthly earnings. You can do this if you start by creating a plan for your funds. You should account for every dollar that you make. Divide your budget into different categories that include your wants, needs, debt repayment, and savings.

Making the right financial decisions before you receive your next paycheck can prevent you from poor spending habits once you have the money at hand. You should also consider directing most of the funds to an investment account. Automatic transfers prevent you from misusing money. Think about how investing will help you get returns in the future and prioritize it early enough.

Learn to pay yourself first before you think of settling your bills and other expenses. Most people tend to settle bills first before saving. If you have a lot of bills, you may not leave enough for your savings account.  Try stashing most of your funds in a savings account and give it time to accumulate before settling bills. This does not imply that you skip on paying bills. Paying yourself first helps you remain disciplined with your finances so that you can avoid misuse.

If your household has a dual income, you can talk to your partner and agree to live off one income as you save the other partner’s income. Both of you could be working, but you don’t have to spend both your salaries. Living off one income helps you save a substantial amount in a short duration. You can make some changes in your household such that you pay the bills using one partner’s income. This can help your family achieve financial freedom. You can also use the second paycheck to save for retirement or clear off existing loans. It also gives you flexibility in case an unfortunate event occurs.

Consider cutting off unnecessary expenses. If you have been dining out every night, taking home-cooked meals can save you some costs. Eliminating some of the expenses can free up some funds that you can use more constructively. If you have high-interest loans such as a payday loan from, look for ways to clear it.

 If you have been using credit cards with high interest, you can consider consolidating your debt to save on interest. You can also refinance low-interest personal loans. If you want to buy a home, choose a fixer upper instead of settling for an expensive one. This way, you can still enjoy homeownership without dealing with the high insurance costs or taxes.

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Here are some of the best loans for the unemployed

According to statistics, more than 5.8 million American citizens are unemployed. The lack of jobs makes the rate of borrowing high. If you are unemployed and need some cash, you may need to get a loan to help you out. Getting a loan when unemployed is not impossible. Having a job is not a requirement for you to qualify for a loan. You should, however, be able to show that you have a form of income for you to be approved for a loan.

The types of income for the unemployed include welfare payments, social security, self-employment income, alimony payments, or unemployment payments. Before the lender approves you for a loan, you have to give them access to your account. They can request to see your bank statements for a certain period to verify that your source of income is valid. If you don’t have any of the income forms, it is possible to use a valuable asset such as expensive jewelry as collateral.

You have different options for borrowing money when unemployed. First, you can take a cash advance. As long as you are a frequent user of credit cards, you can use it to get an advance from an ATM. You cannot, however, use all credit cards for this purpose since some don’t allow cash advances. Look at the terms of your credit card agreement to verify if your card does.

If you can use your credit card to obtain a cash advance, try to find out the maximum amount that you can withdraw. Do not overlook crucial things such as knowing the fees charged on such transactions as well as the annual percentage rate. Beware cash advances are not cheap.

Do you own a vehicle? You can use it to obtain a car title loan for up to 50% of its value. Car title loans can also be expensive since they come with high-interest rates. You may have to pay back the loan within a short duration. Beware that failure to repay a car title loan puts your vehicle at risk of being repossessed. Ensure you have a plan on how you will make repayments before you apply for the loan.

It is possible to acquire a short term loan even when you don’t have a job. You can get a payday loan from The lender offers lenient eligibility requirements that can include welfare income or unemployment income. The terms of this loan can be a bit hard for some borrowers due to the short repayment periods and high-interest rates.

Alternatively, get a cosigner to help you secure a personal loan. If you have someone you trust that has good credit, you can ask them to cosign for a personal loan. This loan is more favorable since you can pay it within an extended duration and enjoy low-interest rates. It is easy to repay a personal loan within the required time even when you don’t have employment. Make efforts to repay the loan to avoid straining your relationship with a cosigner.

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