The different ways you can borrow when retired

Most of the retirees assume that obtaining a loan is next to impossible since they don’t receive a salary anymore. The lack of getting a monthly salary does not make it impossible for a retiree to qualify for a loan. You should, however, avoid taking money from your retirement plan since this can harm your savings. Here are better options for acquiring a loan even after retirement.

You can apply for a mortgage loan. This is a secured loan that uses the home you want to purchase as collateral. The problem with a mortgage loan is that most lenders need to see proof of income. You can convince the lender to give you the loan if you receive income from other investments such as rental properties.

It is possible to acquire a home equity loan. This loan lets you borrow against the equity in your house. You should have enough equity for you to retain at least 20% of it once you take out a home equity loan. If you need an alternative to this type of loan, try cash-out refinance loan. This involves refinancing your home for less than its value but more than you owe.

In most cases, refinancing extends the period it takes to clear the mortgage. Before you choose this loan, try to compare the interest rates on the existing loan against that of the new loan and factor in the closing costs. This will help you decide if refinancing is the best cause of action to take.

Consider a reverse mortgage loan. This offers regular income according to the value of your home. You would have to pay the loan until you relocate from the house. If you want some cash to repair the home, you can qualify for a housing repair loan. This comes with affordable interest rates and the extended repayment period. You can pay this loan for up to 20 years. The maximum amount you can borrow is 20,000.

If you have been saving for a vehicle but don’t have enough, you should consider getting a car loan. This is easy to obtain since it is a secured loan that used the car you want to purchase as collateral. Though you can pay for the car with cash, you should not deplete your savings for the car. Since you still need your savings for emergencies, avoid using that cash and take out a car loan for this purpose.

Do you have small debts that you pay every month? You can consolidate your debts into one loan. It can help you pay small debts all at once then pay the large loan in better terms. Look for a consolidation loan that has low-interest rates so that you can make monthly payments without struggling.

If you require quick cash, you can get a short term loan such as payday loan from Since the loan can be quite expensive, you should only apply for it when you are sure that you will be getting money soon to pay it back.

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